Coder who is always coding

Need a software engineer? I can help building your apps

Developing products is difficul and App development is one of the most difficult process. Especially, it is very difficult to find good person who has coding and software engineering knowledge. I, Hiroaki Yamamoto, can help building your apps.

Why you need me?

My advantages are aimed at the quality of code. As you can see Hiroaki's Github ,I am coding many software with high testing rate and great quality. This is why you should hire me.

Proof of code. I favorite Open-Source

While many software engineers don't disclose their code, all staff at hysoft are required to have Github account. It means all the software engineer at hysoft must write open-source code. As the proof...

This webapp is open source

As you can see this page , this webapp is open-source and there's nothing that is hidden.

Check out this webapp's code on Github

Who am I?

For my detail, please visit About page. You can see what I can handle, what I can write, and my sample code.

Visit About page


Let's contact me. I'm looking forward to getting know each other.

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